Voted as the best race of the century (so far), the 2011 Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix was full of spills, thrills, constant interruptions, changing track conditions and a temporarily red flagged session. When the race resumed, it went down to the very last lap.

After starting from P7, Jenson Button had a collision with his McLaren team-mate Lewis Hamilton, given a drive-through penalty for speeding behind the safety car and then the race was suspended due to torrential rain. When it resumed, Jenson had a collision with Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso, causing him to pit again due to a punctured rear tyre.

This had caused Jenson to be in last place on lap 40 of 70. Then, he came into his element, and the track conditions started to change. The standing water on the track cleared and he gallantly passed through the field, ending up 14th on lap 44.  He then cleared the rest of the grid, and ended up 2nd on the final lap, 0.9 seconds behind Sebastian Vettel who had led every lap of the race so far.

However, on turn 6 of the final lap, Sebastian ran wide after losing control, allowing Jenson to overtake him, and he continued right until the chequered flag, eventually defying all odds against him and finishing in 1st place.

After 6 pit-stops, a drive through penalty, 6 safety car deployments and 4 hours, 4 minutes and 39 seconds (making it the longest ever Formula 1 race in history), Jenson Button claimed the race win that defied all imagination.

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