Ferrari evolution - requested by SKYHUNTERGR

Anonymous asked: post a picture of you? want to see what you look like

Hmm, under the cut for you, dear curious grey face

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Throwback → Sebastian Vettel » Suzuka 2011
In this day 9 years ago, Fernando Alonso became the youngest Formula 1 champion in history, aged 24 years and 58 days, as well as the first WDC from his country.


Fernando Alonso’s powerslide in FP2 - 2014 Singapore GP

Anonymous asked: In valtari's gif, he walks by the media people and marketers, what exactly is there job? I'm going to college next year to study marketing and I wanted to know if I can work with an f1 team.

I wouldn’t specifically know what their job is at the races, maybe sponsorship/advertising the F1 teams brand during the weekend, something along those lines? Sorry, I’m not quite sure! But if you study Marketing at college/university, then definitely, any motorsport team is in need of marketing staff, so I think it is definitely achievable!

“I was driving like a grandma”

Felipe about his tyre management today (via shellylove10)

Sebastian Vettel | Singapore GP, 2014

Kamui Kobayashi | Singapore GP, 2014