Jean-Eric Vergne’s 2014 Singapore Helmet

“For example, winning Monaco is nice but, to me, so is a well-prepared pizza.”

David Coulthard, It Is What It Is (via saintmorrissey)

Singapore GP, 2014 | Preparations


17/09 Media event in Singapore 

sebvettels replied to your post: anonymous said:what do you think …

it was on australian tv …. fox sports 1 is where i watched it from

Update: Carla is an idiot :’D

Anonymous asked: what do you think of formula e?

I think after 1 race, it’s great. Heading in the right direction. Very fan-engaging and environmentally friendly, so I love that. And the racing is pretty great as well, with some brilliant drivers. I think quali needs to be changed (track evolution over the sessions/if weather changes, it is quite unfair), but I really do like it. 

Jean-Eric Vergne, trolling his English mechanics since 1990.

f1 swap!


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Fernando when asked about his teammate (Spanish GP ‘14)