“The one who loses on double points will need some psychological treatment.”

Toto Wolff on the Mercedes boys and double points in the last race (source)

Anonymous asked: what do u look like?

I look human. I’ve got a face, some limbs, hair, eyes. The usual. Not that interesting.

He’s driving fantastically, and in Germany he was battling very smart, always taking my slipstream after I passed him, and braking very late, attacking very late, and [he] never missed the corner.

He was very, very smart, [with] respect also with the rules. It was a great fight.

Fernando Alonso (on his battle with Dan in Hockenheim)

Daniil Kvyat | German GP, 2014

Jim Clark | Netherlands GP 1964


Nico Rosberg wins his home GP in Germany for the first time

“There are nineteen other drivers out there that know they cannot win - there are only two guys that can win. It’s tricky - and I go into every race doing the best I can…”

Jenson Button (via fuckyeahf1)


German Grand Prix