Valtteri Viktor Bottas 28/8/1989

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Daniel Ricciardo | 1st, Belgian GP, 2014

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Name: Carla

Nickname: Carlos, Calamari (we don’t talk about that one), Carla-Marie, Coca-Carla (I don’t fucking know), Carlita, blah blah I have too many shit nicknames

Birthday: 13th of February

Sexuality: Straight 

Height: 1.52m (Shut the fuck up, I know I’m short, I swear I’m a legal adult)

Timezone: AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) +10hrs

What time and date is it here: 9:43pm, 26th of August

Average hours of sleep I get at night: Probably about 4 or 5 hours, maybe 6 or 7 once a week (I hate sleeping)

The last thing I googled was: Queen + Adam Lambert concert setlist 

My most used phrase: Something with ‘fuck’ in it, probably. ‘Fuck off’ would be a good bet

First word that comes to mind: Pillow 

What I last said to a family member: Not surprising, “shut the fuck up”

One place that makes me happy and why: South Coast of New South Wales, that place is happy times for me, for many reasons. Family, friends, yeah. And it’s really pretty and awesome beaches that no-one goes to

How many blankets I sleep under: Now, in winter, I have 5 (I get cold easily)

Favourite beverages: Intense Coca Cola addiciton, Corona, Midori + lemonade, bourbon + coke, lemon lime and bitters 

The last movie I watched in the cinema: Guardians of the Galaxy

Three things I can’t live without: My pillow, my dog, my Sydney Swans scarf

Something I plan on learning: Spanish! 

A piece of advice for all my followers: If someone pisses you off, tell them to fuck off or ignore them, you got no need to deal with that shit

You all have to listen to this song: Rapto - Gustavo Cerati (Fuck, I don’t even understand Spanish but the guitar riff is hella awesome and I’ve had it in my head for a whole damn week)

My blogs: This one

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summer break meme | day 8: the best moments of Martin Brundle’s grid walk

8. 2012 Singapore GP

“I’ve got wide hips. It’s not my arse per se. I guess it’s genetic. Even when I signed for Toro Rosso we had to do a few seat fits and they did some scans to make that particular part of the cockpit a bit wider”

Daniel Ricciardo on how he might not have fit into a Red Bull (via ronnie-peterson)

I thoroughly enjoyed that race. All until the booing at the podium.


This is what it looks like to actually “burn rubber”